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Examination Preparation Services™ provides resources and services to engineers, who are preparing to write the Professional Practice Exams (PPE) as a requirement for licensing as a Professional Engineer in Ontario. Particular emphasis is placed on internationally trained engineers. ExPS™ features extensive ON-LINE Services and Resources as well as ON-SITE Workshops in centres throughout Ontario.

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Soar with Science is a 60 minute thought provoking presentation using science demonstrations with audience volunteers that encourages youth to consider their future careers. Soar with Science was created to facilitate a request by Ontario First Nations for Bob to visit youth throughout Ontario. Promotional DVD, funded by Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation, released in January 2006 is based on Bob's personal 4A Plan for Success™.
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An on-line questionnaire and assessment to help young people determine if a career in Engineering is realistic for them.
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Information, resources, services and opportunities for everyone interested and involved in engineering - students interested in engineering, engineering students (undergraduate and graduate), recently graduated engineers, EITs and professional engineers.
Professional consulting services in a variety of fields related to expertise and experience.
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The Halton Engineering Challenge is a unique co-operative effort between business and education developed by Halton teachers and professional engineers to meet many of the knowledge, skills and application expectations of two grade eight units.
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The multi-media McMaster Engineering FIREBALL Show, created and produced by Loree, visits high schools throughout Ontario to present “Engineering: an Education, a Profession, a Career.” Since 1996, FIREBALL teams have made more than 1500 presentations to 500,000 students.
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The SCIENCE CAN! Awards encourage all school age young people to become more involved in science, technology and the world around them. The SCICAN Awards provide encouragement, opportunities, challenges and recognition.
Education and Health for Life™ - a better future for Aboriginal People (concepts and program are applicable to all Canadian youth)

Establish, Develop, Maintain, Build a Mentorship Program
- that is individual, responsive, frequent, consistent and long term,
- with high standards, expectations, accountability
- that is non-profit
- that benefits everyone

Aviation is a commercial flight operation based in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, specializing in aerial sightseeing tours, air taxi, and aerial photography. Loree Aviation was based in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario until 2005.
Bob Loree, B. Eng., B. Ed., P. Eng.
Bob has created Bob Loree's Examination Preparation Services™ (ExPS™)
to help candidates prepare for the PEO Professional Practice Exam (PPE). © 2007